HELLO, STRANGER: Valerie / by Helena Vallée

Location: New York City

Work field: Leadership coach, educator and retreat leader, Principal of Lead Smart Coaching (www. leadsmartcoaching. com)

Activity: Concert at the Nicholas Roerich Museum, in the Upper West Side. This museum is a haven of peacefulness and beauty. A short opera was performed by a local ensemble.


“What drives me is faithfulness.  Not religious faith, but faithfulness to oneself, one's vision, and to share this with others. A willingness to be courageous enough to live in the world, to really and fully live, is an act of faithfulness. It’s easy to fall into despair and sentimentality, but with integrity and a sense of wholeness in our faithfulness, we can save the world.”

“Hope lies in being alive. Many people are walking dead people, and conform to what other people want. It is an act of wisdom, authenticity and wholeheartedness to be alive, to move through the world and not take this for granted. Choosing to be alive is a daily practice.”


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